Case 580SM3

Case 580SM3 Rear 24″ Bucket $900.00


CAT 345BL Cat Brand 42″. $4500.00

CAT 416C Front Bucket

CAT 416C Front GP Edge Bucket, 9R5989. $1000.00

CAT 914G

CAT 914G Balderson GP Bucket, 1380lbs. $3000.00

CAT 980F

CAT 980F Spade, 8900lbs. $5500.00

CAT 980G

CAT 980G 6yd, PTco Brand, GP with Edge. $6000.00

Hitachi ZX450LC3

Hitachi ZX450LC3 72″ WBM Cleanout, 6000lbs. $4500.00

Hitachi ZX850LC3

Hitachi ZX850LC3 81″ CWS Bucket, 9400lbs. $9500.00

John Deere 324H

John Deere 324H CWS, 1550lbs. $3000.00

John Deere 750LC

John Deere 750-800-800C-EX700-EX750LC5-EX800-ZX800 Pin Grabber Coupler, comes with valving and lines. $9500

Kobelco ED150

Kobelco ED150 36″ Geith Dig Bucket, 1200lbs. $1000.00

Komatsu PC160LC7 Coupler

Komatsu PC160LC7 ESCO brand pin grabber coupler, twinlock. $2500

Komatsu PC400LC7

Komatsu PC400LC7 ESCO 60″ Bucket, GP with teeth, 4500lbs $4000.00

Komatsu PC600LC8

Komatsu PC600LC8 60″ CWS Bucket with Coupler. $6000.00

Komatsu WA320-3

Komatsu WA320-3 JRB Coupler (sold without bucket) $2000

Komatsu WA450-3

Komatsu WA450-3 Dig Bucket with Teeth, 5130lbs. $4500.00

Komatsu WA480-5

Komatsu WA480-5 General Purpose with edge. $4500

Komatsu WA480-5

Komatsu WA480-5 VWS Coupler. (Sold with GP Bucket)

Linkbelt 290LX

Linkbelt 290LX 66″ WBM Cleanout Bucket, w/Wedge Coupler, 2450lbs. $2750.00

Linkbelt 460LX

Linkbelt 460LX PSM 72″. $5500.00

Linkbelt 80

Linkbelt 80 24″ Jones Bucket, w/wedge coupler. $1500.00

Volvo EC330BL

Volvo EC330BL PSM 48″ Dig Bucket. $1750.00

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