Attachments For Sale

2004 LogMax 9000

Comes complete with computer system. $27,500.00
Serial# 1779

2003 LogMax 7000

Comes complete with computer system. $25,000.00
SN# 1873

2003 HTH622 Waratah

2003 HTH622 Waratah Processor, comes with complete computer system. $25,000.00
SN# 232193

2007 Pierce DM4550

2007 Pierce DM4550, Complete delimber with computer system. $30,000.00
SN# 14494

CAT D8N Multi-Shank Ripper

CAT D8N Multi-Shank ripper, one shank, $20,000.00

CAT D8R Multi-Shank Ripper

CAT D8R Multi-Shank ripper, one shank, all cylinders rebuilt, no valving. $30,000.00

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