Articulated Komatsu Rock Truck Parts

Axle-Axle Related Parts

  • HM350-2

Bed Hoist Cylinder-Related Parts

  • HM350-2

Cab-Related Parts

  • HM350-2

Coolant Radiator


Control Valve-Hydraulic Control

Differential-Related Parts

Driveline-Related Parts



  • HM350-2
HM350-2 Dumpbox PN- 56C7421101

Engine-Related Parts

  • HM350-2

External Guards-Fenders-Covers-Tinwork

  • HM350-2
HM350-2 Engine Hood PN-56B5421134 (56B5421132)
HM350-2 RH Front Fender PN-56B5422123 (56B5422122)
HM350-2 LH Front Fender PN-56B5422111

Final Drive-Related Parts

Fuel Tank

  • HM350-2
HM350-2 Fuel Tank PN-56B0421114

Hydraulic Oil Cooler

Hydraulic Pump

Hydraulic Tank

Main Frame-Related Parts

Steer Cylinder

Transmission-Torque Converter-Related Parts

Wiring-Electrical-Wire Harness

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